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All of this plz. Thnx.

I’m back in one of my favourite cittttieeess! Hello London.

Cheeeeesecaaake daaaaateeeee!
Me and Zack like cheesecake.
Love this place! ❤
@edincheesecake [twitter]

Got all outdoorsy with the fam yesterday. Wee trip to Peebles.

Happy Fish Fingers and Custard day, Whovians! 4 years since The Eleventh Hour!
Celebrating with the customary custard, watching the ep and using it as an excuse to try my ‘Geronimo’ 11th Doctor Tea I’ve had since Christmas and never had an occasion worthy of cracking it open! :)

Remember SO vividly going to the season launch party, hanging out with Cybermen, kissing a Scarecrow and seeing the first previews of Matt on a big screen in 3D and instantly going from a broken hearted Tennant fan, to falling in love all over again. Happy Days!