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All over this like a fxcking rash…

Oh f*ck.

I got really grumpy and miserable, so I made myself a small* gin.
I’m now shitfaced at 1am on a work night.
Help me.



so for those of you who know me, you will probably know two things: i recently landed my dream job, and i love winter. what happens when you combine those two things? a christmas/winter giveaway, of course! now i know this is ridiculously early, but there are two reasons for this. the first being that i’m stupidly excited for winter/christmas already, and the second being that the prizes will need to be sent off in advance to guarantee that they arrive by christmas.

  • a wreck this journal
  • a doctor who tardis/van gogh necklace
  • two lush bath bombs and a lush bubble bar
  • sherlock inspired charm bracelet
  • doctor who tardis phone case
  • london inspired coin purse
  • a barry m nail polish in whatever shade you want
  • a handwritten letter/christmas card from yours truly
  • possibly some other goodies that tickle my fancy!
  • must be following me (i will check)
  • must reblog this (likes do not count)
  • reblog until november 25th
  • there will only be one winner, unless this gets a ridiculous amount of notes
  • i will ship worldwide
  • a winner will be chosen by a random generator and will be messaged via their askbox. if you do not have your askbox turned on, i cannot contact you and i will have to pick somebody else
  • no giveaway blogs, and please do not reblog this multiples of time. reblogging more than once will not increase your chances.
  • if you have any questions, contact me here. but please don’t ask me if this is real. i swear to you that this giveaway will go ahead. 

(via raggedymans)

can’t beat a wee sunny Sunday beach trip! x